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Welcome to BALM headquarters

BALM is a friendly, supportive community of like minded people that want to enjoy exercise and wellbeing! Not only to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, but to see you thrive in life and be the best version of you, mentally and physically.

No matter how fit or unfit you are, there is something to suit you so, give me a call & get involved!

During Lockdown a whole new experience began and classes have been taken online with some of those sessions here to stay!
Very soon there will be a library of on demand videos for you to choose to try new sessions you may not have considered, all your favourites and to mix up your workouts.

Whether you are just embarking on your journey as a beginner or have exercised for years and are performing at a higher level there is something for everyone. We have to start somewhere and your time is now!

Consistency is the key to success in everything we do and whether its classes or personal training BALM has just what you need to get motivated and to stay motivated.

Take part in a Pilates or BALM Bodyfit class for free by clicking on the About Me section and then On Demand/Blog. I hope you enjoy taking part in these as an example of what I have to offer you!

Please do get in touch.

Mind & Body Fit

Join me from the 17th June until July 14th for some pre summer focus for exercise, mindful moments, good nutrition , healthy habit tips, daily checkins and 4 informative talks as follows:

✨Benefits of walking
✨Fibre for fullness
✨Muscles for metabolism
✨Reducing high cholesterol

10 exercise sessions as follows:

✨10 mins Mindful mediation
✨10 mins neck and shoulder stretch
✨15 mins Flow and flex
✨20 mins wellness weights/mini sculpt /cardio and weights supersets /creative core /walkfit
✨30 mins All about legs /BALM yoga flow

Bring a mat and some resistance weights or 1.5-3kg if you have them - if not just use your body!

£9.99 - click on "Pay for Classes" at the top of the screen.

Join the private Facebook group for all the content!

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Revive & Restore

️️❤️ Connection, community and coming together!

✨Join me to ‘Revive and Restore’ in a day of movement, self belief and restoration

So glad to be announcing another BALM wellness event in the autumn!

✨Sunday October 6th 10am- 4pm
✨Hollybank House, Emsworth

Welcoming the wonderful Dawn @the_juicy_goddess for a restorative sound bath in the afternoon

✨A sound bath is a form of meditation using the deep vibrations and sounds from many different instruments. With significant benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep quality, and increased focus and clarity.✨

This lady is so knowledgeable, has trained with the best and has passion that shows no bounds!

Get in touch to book!
Spaces limited

£50 deposit on booking

❤️A lovely message from our last wellness event in February:

Absolutely fabulous day, it was all just perfect - scrumptious food, definitely need your recipe for protein balls please, the peanut butter made such a difference my body and mind agree with me, very chilled and so pleased I was able to join you and a date in October would be perfect, end of Summer, beginning of Autumn, lovely to meet you all and maybe we’ll meet again in October. Thank you for all your hard work Jo. Enjoy your evening. Xx

Contact Jo to sign up
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Saturday Pilates

Saturday Online Pilates Flow for July - catch-up on demand
Classes are £6 each or £20 for the months 4 classes

✨Full body alignment
✨core and pelvic floor control
✨lower body lean conditioning
✨hip strength
✨upper body stabilisation
✨Back health
✨flexibility focus

With 15 years experience I pride my sessions on the correct sequencing to give you the best Pilates journey
See you on the mat!

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Mat Based Pilates at Salon 16 Studio

Low impact strength and conditioning through pilates flow and stretch sequencing for a full body experience of wellness for mind and body.

A small beautiful studio for a really personalised experience for feedback and focused progression.

All levels welcome … all movement can be adapted to suit each individual.

✨ I love the sequences that Jo creates in her classes because they are full of variety each week. It never feels like we are going through the motions as there is always a new and fun challenge on offer

✨ Every class feels fresh and there is always a wonderful balance of nurture and challenge and stretch! Jo really cares about you and your progress!

✨ I have had back/ shoulder issues but have found that Jo carefully guides and supports the class whatever the ability level . Her calm approach sets the atmosphere which is always conducive to really thinking about breathing and focusing. If you’ve been thinking about trying Pilates then Jo’s class is the perfect place to be !

Contact Jo to book
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Face-to-face, on Zoom or on demand! Working with weights, resistance band, pilates ring and mini ball. Sequenced pilates with pure stretch for strength and flexibility, better posture, reduced back pain and a stronger abdominal connection. All levels welcome.

Saturday mornings brings a zoom session at 8.30am or if you can't make that then anyone booked can access on demand in their own time throughout the week (see separate section for further details).
Monday evenings are in person at Clanfield Memorial Hall (3 week course - 29th July, 5th & 19th August - £24 or £9 drop-in). Thursday evenings are in person at Strode College Sports Centre Studio, 6-6.45pm (11th & 25th July - £9 drop-in).
Low impact exercise is very popular at the moment and Pilates programmes provide a full body strength and conditioning package as follows:

✨Full body alignment
✨core and pelvic floor control
✨lower body lean conditioning
✨hip strength
✨upper body stabilisation
✨back health
✨flexibility focus

With 15 years experience I pride my sessions on the correct sequencing to give you the best Pilates journey
See you on the mat!

For more information or to book contact Jo via

✨ Jo’s Pilates classes manage to provide the unique blend of exercise while being restorative. I always leave her classes feeling like I have woken my body up. Challenging it to strengthen and tone, while at the same time discovering the areas where I am tight and the best positions to relieve any restrictions. However above all, I leave her class with a deep sense of relaxation, peace and positivity ✨

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A range of classes to suit all abilities to improve cardio health, full body power through strength and conditioning and flexibility training to fit around your busy lifestyle.

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STRONG NATION™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even do five more.

✨ Wow this class is something else...... really hits the spot and Jo is brilliant at making sure we all work at our own level by giving plenty of adaptations.
Perfect for cardio health, body weight strength and core..... my fitness levels have really improved thanks to Strong! ✨

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Now available in Somerset!!

I am delighted to be able to offer this hugely popular class at Strode College, Street.

Thursday 11th & 25th July - drop-in £7.


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PERSONAL TRAINING for full body wellness.
Based on cardio, strength and flexibility, from body toning to Pilates body care all sessions will be tailored to your needs.
1:1 training allows, YOU, the client, to gain confidence in your abilities and see changes in your body. Look and feel fantastic through this mind and body journey.

✨ All the sessions are totally tailored to my goals and Jo adapts as required for EVERY SESSION. Very knowledgeable and professional. Listens, is empathetic ,always with a smile and positive attitude! If she can motivate me then she can motivate anyone! She has helped me enjoy exercise again and now there is no looking back. ✨

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Health Packages and courses to support employees wellness through mind and body, movement and mindfulness.
Live or pre recorded classes and events are all options here.

✨Jo has been providing Saltus financial services with 2 classes per week during lockdown and it has been a huge hit.

In the HIIT workouts on a Monday lunchtime Jo gets the blood flowing, heart pumping and is very enthusiastic whilst working us very hard. Jo also provides alternative options to those less energetic folks.

Wednesday’s class is a lovely stretching yoga flow, it releases all the aches and pains of sitting at a desk for long periods, as well as all the aches and pains from Monday’s class

I love that our company has thought about their staff’s wellbeing and has provided the wonderful talents of Jo, they could not have chosen anyone better! Jo’s energy is infectious. ✨

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Pregnancy and post natal 121

Pregnancy and post natal 121 session for mums to be and those who need support gaining their confidence after baby is born to return to exercise.

✨ I started 1-2-1 sessions with Jo about a year ago, shortly before I got pregnant with my second child - baby Alex. Alex is now three months old. Jo worked with me patiently and supportively through my pregnancy, designing classes that would keep me fit, strong and flexible while pregnant. She redesigned things on the spot as necessary to accommodate the growing list of aches and pains that developed through pregnancy. As this was my second child, I am able to compare my experience with a previous pregnancy - working with Jo was phenomenal, physically and mentally I was in a much stronger place at through this pregnancy. I continued to be able to play with my daughter, chasing her around the house and the playground right through this pregnancy. My recovery after Alex was born was so quick - I felt strong and flexible. I've started back doing Pilates with Jo and am really enjoying working with her to rebuild my strength. I think EVERYONE should do Pilates through pregnancy - it made the world of difference to me. And Jo made this super easy and was a continual source of support and encouragement throughout. She is AMAZING. ✨

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I particularly love how Jo relates to us all. She seems to instinctively know what we need. We are never judged or pressured-only encouraged and motivated.I am stronger physically and mentally, more flexible and my husband tells me i walk more easily too


I cannot thank Jo enough. The last year would have been so much more difficult without her motivation and positive mindset. I know i am fitter and stronger, mentally and physically because of Jo’s encouragement and support- Jo has created a supportive community to be very proud of


After my PT moved away it took me 5 years and quite a few trainers to find another PT who really knew their job. Jo is a fantastic trainer and saved my body. Jo always has a cheery disposition and with her extensive knowledge, tailors all sessions to suit my needs