About Me

I'm Jo Perkins and have been a Fitness Professional for 20 years as a Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor with BALM, Body and Lifestyle Management being founded in 2015.

As an Ex PRO dancer and creative consultant, i have a huge passion for expressing how the body moves. Sequencing of movement, how the body can be challenged and in helping others achieve their goals whatever their level of ability.
Taking their first steps into ‘movement’ or to ‘pushing their limits’ but also in understanding that the ‘mind and body’ experience is key for an abundant wellness.

About BALM

BODY AND LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT offers online and face to face training on a 1:1 basis and in a group enviroment. 
Whether its:
- strength and cardiovascular conditioning
- Pilates for full body health
- postural back care
- flexibility training
- rehabilitation from injury
Menopause programmes for exercise and nutrition
- nutrition advice

BALM delivers with positive results providing a fun, challenging and inclusive environment